Isa’s Chickpea Cutlets – VeganMoFo Day 5

Day 5 of VeganMoFo asks us to talk about cookbooks that have inspired us. There are a lot more vegan cookbooks out there now than there ever have been, and you’re spoilt for choice when looking for one! But the one cookbook I always go back to is the Veganomicon. First published nearly eleven years ago, there’s now a tenth anniversary edition which I don’t have, but both versions are amazingly good! There’s a plethora of amazing vegan recipes, ranging from basics to fancy and all the way inbetween. Including one of my all time favourite recipes – chickpea cutlets.


Ok maybe they’re not the prettiest of meals to photograph, but they are amazing, seriously, well worth making. And they’re really easy too – I use the oven baked method (I think that’s often regarded as the tastiest way to make these!) and they turn out brilliant every time.

The cutlets use vital wheat gluten, which I wrote a bit about in my post on seitan last year, and they’re a great protein source what with that and the chickpeas. They’re honestly good however you choose to serve them – with salad, with roast potatoes, or in a sandwich!


The recipe for chickpea cutlets can be found either in the Veganomicon book or on Isa’s website, here! Her recipe online is for a double batch, which is well worth making as you’ll want as many as you can get.



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