Eating out! – Vegan MoFo Day 19

So today’s prompt is “Lunch on the go” which gave me pause for thought because, well, I don’t really eat out much! What I have decided to do is post a few places around the country that I have had good food at recently. These will be all over the country as we like to visit different cities!


I have no pictures for here, I’m sorry! But Sound Bites is a wonderful little shop in the centre which sells snack foods to take away and lots of other vegan goodies. It has a cafe above where you can get a sit-down meal too.


Leicester is so good for vegan food. Just check out their happy cow page! My favourite is Currant Affairs on Loseby Lane – such a wonderful little shop with a huge range of take-out food ranging from sausage rolls, to cobs, to samosas – and of course cakes too!

This is a nut roll I had from Currant Affairs

Leicester also has the World Peace Cafe near the Cathedral which is totally vegetarian and does some nice sandwiches etc!

My terrible photo of my roasted veg panini from the World Peace Cafe!


Nottingham is another place that is great for vegans! I’ve not been there many times but I have enjoyed it when I have. One place we went was the Alley Cafe which is in the town, it’s a small place and if it’s busy you may have to book, but we didn’t and there was space for us! Delicious food and they do vegan ice cream.

Another place in Nottingham I like (but I don’t have a photo of!) is the Natural Food Company on Mansfield Road. They are a small shop that also has a counter with some really nice snacks.


We actually just went here a couple weekends ago! Leeds again has quite a few vegan options but we opted to have lunch at Roots and Fruits which is a lovely place in the Grand Arcade – I recommend if it’s quiet sitting outside in the Arcade as it’s a pretty place!

I got a Kidney Bean patty sandwich

We then went to Out of This World which is a fairly large shop selling all sorts of goodies. I got some vegan “Reeses cups” for dessert which were mmm!


Norwich is surprisingly vegan friendly! I never expected it to be, but my mum confirms it (she grew up there), when she went vegetarian as a teenager Norwich was the place to eat!

We had a really lovely lunch at Wild Thyme near the marketplace. It’s marketed as a cafe but price wise it is a bit higher and food wise posher than what you’d get at a cafe! But still extraordinarily delicious. And they make their own hummus and cashew cheese too!

Downstairs from Wild Thyme is Rainbow Wholefoods which is another shop selling groceries and snacks.


This barely needs a mention because Brighton is well known as a hugely vegan-friendly place. We went there for a holiday and walked down to the town for breakfast at Wai Kika Moo Kau (what a name!)

I had this delicious avocado bagel!

We ended up getting delivery pizza to our hotel room at the end of the day because we were beat from walking around oohing and ahhing at everywhere (seriously, Brighton is gorgeous). Morelli Zorelli has a huge range of vegan pizzas (ever expanding!) and I wish vegan pizza delivery was more common!

My vegan pepperoni and chorizo pizza!

Brighton also has Infinity Foods which is a lovely large supermarket selling vegetarian and vegan food and household items. It even has a bakery at the back! Nearby it has a cafe, but we weren’t so much of a fan of that one.

So there you have it, my list of places that I’ve eaten at. This is only a very small list and increasingly there are more and more vegan places around the country. Use the Happy Cow website and search your town or city and see what you find!

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