A tour of my kitchen! Vegan MoFo day 13.

My kitchen is not very big. I used to have a lovely, huge kitchen, but then we moved house. Now, this house is wonderful…but the kitchen is tiny.

This is the view from the doorway. If you turn round, you have to shut the door before you can see the rest of the kitchen.

So that’s that.

Well, that wouldn’t make for much of an interesting post, so I’ve taken a few photos of the insides of cupboards and drawers so you can snoop.

This is my “herbs and spices” cupboard. I use a lot of herbs and spices.

And this is my “tins” cupboard. I know a lot of people use dried beans but I am lazy and like the convenience of just opening a can of beans.

This is my “drinks and oil and pestle and mortar” cupboard. Yeah.

The inside of my fridge! Please do ignore the non-vegan things, they belong to my husband. The Quality Street tin, while looking un-vegan, actually is functioning as a cake tin for my homemade vegan bakewell tart. So there you go!

This is my “snacks and stuff” drawer. The white bags are full of nuts I got from the bulk shop.

My extremely messy “baking” drawer.

These are my little “trying to be posh” jars. The front two contain toor dal and risotto rice, then there’s red lentils and white rice, then oats, and pasta. I have another cupboard full of more lentils etc but I don’t have enough jars for them all!

And finally, because we didn’t have enough room in the kitchen, we bought this cute little drawers set! The top drawer holds onions and garlic, the second holds more spices, the third holds measuring equipment like scales, cups etc, and the bottom is for potatoes!

So there you go, that is my kitchen. There’s not a whole lot to see but I hope you enjoyed the little tour!

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