Walking in Loughborough

Greg and I decided to explore the more rural areas round here.

Turns out that all you have to do is turn off a short way down the road and we’re in the middle of woodland!

We have trees right behind our house so it’s not unexpected. But to be able to walk through was lovely. We’re having a bit of a butterfly epidemic at the moment (I blame all the buddleias here) so there were loads flying around!

We came across a little stone bridge that goes over the “Black Brook” which passes our house.

Our old house was nearby a canal, which was lovely to walk down, so it’s nice to have some water around!

Finally we came to the Stonebow Washlands which are a man-made set of three small lakes created in order to provide “flood relief, public space, and wildlife habitat”.

And all this in a ten minute or less walk from our house!

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