Exploring the new town

I decided to walk into Loughborough town to “explore” – to see the route to get there, to find out what shops are like, and just to get out for a walk.

I used Google maps to walk there because I am completely abysmal with directions. Ask anyone who knows me, usually if I say “I think it’s this way” the safest bet is to go in the opposite direction! But anyway it turned out to be about a 2 mile walk into town, not bad really except the day was a scorcher and I thought I was going to melt at several occasions!

Typical me, I found the library first off. After that I went over the road as there seems to be a park there, called Queens Park.

After living near Abbey park in Leicester it’s nice to know there’s another pretty park near here! It seemed quite busy but it is the school hols and I guess everyone was making the most of the nice weather!

I went into town and checked out the shops. Loughborough has a Holland and Barrett (thank goodness) but I didn’t go in as they’re usually one and the same. I found a health food shop called, wait for it, “elf foods”

elf foods

(picture credit: elf foods)

I didn’t get much because I didn’t want to spend too much but it looks like a wonderful shop! It sells all the usual things, vegan stock and ice cream and stuff, but it also has a “bulk buy” bit with nuts and seeds and dried fruit. I am sure I’ll be back in there to spend more money soon (don’t tell the husband!).

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