Beacon Hill Country Park

Todays post will live up to the “Walks” part of my blog title.

September may mean that “Winter is coming”, as George R R Martin would say, but it doesn’t mean that winter is here yet. The weather was gorgeous – 20 degrees and beautifully sunny, so we decided to take a visit to Beacon Hill.

Beacon Hill is the second highest point in Leicestershire – supposedly from the very top you can even see to Lincoln Cathedral! Well, I didn’t see that far, but you certainly get a good view.

The park is full of wooden carvings, of people and animals, such as these rather interesting looking sheep:

There are also long haired cows wandering around! Previously when we have been the cows had been roaming the paths right next to us – kind of nervy when the cows are bigger than you! But this time they didn’t seem that interested in us, only in eating!

There are some really beautiful places in Leicestershire. Perhaps when someone mentions Leicester, beauty is the last thing that most people think about it – but you don’t have to look far to find lovely scenery and parks, wildlife, nature, some places really very beautiful.

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