Exam Results

So I am part of the way through an Open University History degree (I’ve done 4 years out of 6 required).

This past year I just finished A200 Medieval to Modern history – a notoriously hard course!

I was pretty pleased with my coursework score of 74 – which would put me at a Grade 2 pass or a 2:1 degree classification.

But I logged on today to my “A200 Result available!” page to see this:

53% in my final exam. Which brings my total average allllll the way down from 74 to 63, giving me a Grade 3 pass or a 2:2 equivalent.

Not bad, perhaps, considering on my Facebook group most of us are getting much worse scores than in our coursework – still a bit of a disappointment though.

However if I buck up and get good scores on my final two modules I can still bump my score up overall. Here goes lots of study!

Next years course is on Empire – all sorts.