Vegan MoFo 2014

Hello and welcome to September!

Yes, September already. I can hardly believe it – it feels like just a couple of days ago it was March and I was looking forward to summer coming, well, now I guess it’s over…and winter is on it’s way.

Last year we didn’t have much of a winter, except for rain, so I suppose that’ll happen again this year. I wouldn’t mind if it snowed a bit though. You never get too old to build a snowman!

September also means it’s time for this years Vegan Mofo!  I’ve spent a few years following blogs that participate and often thought of doing it myself..but chickened out. This year, I have a blog – and I’m challenging myself, to post throughout the month, to check out everyone else’s blogs, and to just take part in general.

So, it was all planned that my first post (aka this one) would be a lovely recipe for Spicy Bean Burgers – or, last nights meal. Trouble is, last night came around and my camera wouldn’t turn on! So, bean burgers will be postponed until later in the month. Keep your eyes out.

My camera has been on charge, and – fingers crossed – I’ll get you a recipe tomorrow! I haven’t posted anything savoury on this blog yet, but probably the majority of this month will be savoury – as there’s only so many cookies I can eat! I will be doing some baking too, so don’t be too disappointed!

Well, that’s it for now, I’ll see you soon with some nice foody posts 🙂

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