Moved! (AKA showing off my new home)

So here we are! All moved in. That was exhausting.

We collected the keys at 9.15, had a look around and set up our TV (we brought that ourselves so it didn’t get broken!). Then we went back home – or should I say, old home – to finish our packing, tape up all our boxes, and do our goodbyes to the house. The moving van came at 1pm, and they were really wonderful. Everything was in our new home by 3! Not bad at all.

Then the mammoth unpacking task started. Eeeeverything had to be unpacked, found places for, etc etc. Moving is tiring business.

We finished off this morning as Greg took the morning off, and as of writing this – all is unpacked! I leave you with a few photos of our new home! 🙂

Our garden – not very big but nice with a patio area. Apparently there’s a walking trail behind that we’ll have to go on sometime!

Our little seating nook. The living room is muuuch bigger than we are used to but it’s all good!

Check us out , three bookshelves eh! We’re going to put perhaps a dining table here. Proper posh and all.

That’s it for now. The kitchens a bit of a mess because at the moment there’s two washing machines hanging around and a dishwasher (long story) but stay tuned as I’m about to test out the oven by making cookies! 🙂

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