Today we arrived in Congham, to stay at my Granny’s house for the next few days.

It’s beautiful weather here – for once (usually when we come here it is absolutely tipping it down!) and we decided to make the most by going out into her giant garden. We read for a bit, and then took a football out to have a kick around.

But no! While walking into the garden I spotted a spiky blob in the middle of the grass. At first I thought it was a piece of moss, or mown grass – but on closer inspection, it was a hedgehog. Curled up tight into a little ball, just peeking out at us.

Teeny tiny baby hedgehog! Well, I’m not actually sure how old it was as it was already quite spiky. Apparently baby hedgehogs are not actually spiky.

I did not know what to do, as all I’ve heard is that hedgehogs out in the daytime = bad! If a hedgehog is out in the day, apparently it is sick. So I rang up a few hedgehog sanctuaries in the area, but nobody picked up. Eventually I rang the RSPCA. The guy who answered the phone said that actually, young hedgehogs have to eat throughout the day so are not completely nocturnal. Therefore it was probably ok.

I went outside after I phoned, to check on it. And I was glad that I didn’t call a sanctuary! It was alive and wandering around, happy as anything!

And very cute to go with it!


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